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Portfolios of major new businesses


At SK Holdings, we have Korea’s top business competiveness from the upstream areas including overseas gas field development to the downstream areas including shipping, storage, power generations and city gas. We are endeavoring to reinforce our competitiveness by integrating the LNG value chain and generate high returns in a stable manner. In addition to these efforts, we are making efforts to emerge as a world-class LNG service provider by expanding into the overseas markets including China. To this end, we will implement the measures to expand our value chain into the markets with high potential including China based on the captivate demand in Korea and LNG sourcing, with an objective to foster the LNG business to achieve sales of 5 million ton/year by 2020.

Reinforcing competitiveness and generating high returns through the integration of LNG value chain

Integrated operation of businesses: Low-cost LNG sourcing (Australia, North America, etc.), trading/shipping (Singapore), terminal (Boryeong, Gwangyang and China) and demand for SK and partner (power generation plants at home and abroad, etc.)

Emerging as a global top-tier LNG service provider through expansion in the global market incl. China

SK's captive demand > Entry into the high-potential markets based on partnerships: Tangguh, Gorgon, Freeportm Barossa-caldita, new LNG PJT, SK LNG Trading Co. LNG Terminal (Boryeong), LNG terminal (China), Gwangyang power generation plant (K-POWER), Wirye CHP, Singu PJT, LNG charging station in China, LNG supply to power generation plant in China

Bio ·Pharmaceuticals

We are fostering a major portfolio based on the bio and pharmaceutical business to create new value for our Group. We are investing into the development of various new drugs through SK Biopharmaceuticals, and we have created a self-reliant survival system and achieved accelerated growth by developing new drugs for the central nervous system such as drugs for narcolepsy (sleeping disorder) and epilepsy. In addition, we have been concentrating our efforts toward medicinal product production through SK Biotek. As such, we will build a consistent value chain and grow into a global pharmaceutical firm with integrated value chain from new drug development to marketing by 2018.

New drug development and launch(1993) -> Creation of a self-reliant survival system(2011~2014) -> Accelerated growth (Present) -> Emerge as a global FIPCO1)(2018~)
  • SK Biopharmaceuticals develop
    • new drugs for epilepsy and chronic constipation in full swing
  • Reinforcement of global R&D and business development capacity
  • Clinical research on the epilepsy drug based on independent capacity
  • Successful L/O targeting global pharmaceuticals,
    • development of drugs for narcolepsy, acute seizures, constipation, IBS2), etc.
  • Consider pursuing IPO after 2018
  • Pursue M&A with a new drug developer with high potential using the IPO value
  • Use synergy with the new drug business and pursue CMS business through M&A
  • 1. Fully Integrated Pharmaceutical Company (integrated value chain from new drug development and production to marketing)
  • 2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Semiconductor Materials

With the portfolio of SK Hynix, a world-class semiconductor memory manufacturer, we can expect to achieve considerable synergic effect in the value chain, and accordingly, the semiconductor materials business is emerging as a key part of the new growth businesses. Based on the synergy created with SK Hynix, we will secure a high-growth, high-return portfolio by implementing growth strategies using SK Group’s global network.

To this end, we will acquire a company with the world’s top-standard technologies to enter into the semiconductor materials market. Furthermore, we will strengthen our collaboration structure with the existing semiconductor manufacturers, expand into the markets in China and Taiwan using the global network of SK Group, and engage in other aggressive value-up activities to grow into a global company.