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Business Growth Strategy

Based on value-centered portfolio management, SK Holdings will concentrate its capabilities on enhancing our corporate value by investing into the new growth engine businesses that are expected to have high value in the future.

Securing New Growth Engines for the Group

We have competitive business portfolios in various fields including energy, chemicals, information and communications and semiconductors, and are making strategic investments from a long-term perspective to achieve continuous growth and stability. For this purpose, we have selected areas with high growth potential such as LNG, bio, pharmaceuticals and semiconductor materials as the new growth businesses for concentrated investment and development. We will not only attempt to secure fundamental competiveness by developing key technologies in each of these areas, but also aggressively enhance value using the capabilities of our business partners and attract investors strategically for global expansion purposes.

Reinforcing Portfolio Management

To ensure internally stable Group management based on financial stability and reinforced governance structure, we will strengthen the management of the portfolios that are in our possession. We will increase investment for further growth and induce a shift toward the business areas that are promising in the future and have high growth potential. Also, through preemptive management improvement and portfolio restructuring, we will secure new investment resources as a means to continually improve the value of our company.

Securing New Growth Engines
  • LNG
  • Bio ·Pharmaceuticals
  • Semiconductor Materials
Reinforcing portfolio management
  • Energy
    • SK innovation
    • SK lubricants
    • SK E&S
    • SK energy
    • SK chemicals
  • Telecommunication
    • SK telecom
    • SK broadband
    • SK planet
  • Semiconductor
    • SK hynix
  • Logistics Service
    • SK networks
    • SK shipping
    • SK E&C