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Webtoon Intro In Search of Happiness

In Search of Happiness

“Why can’t we be happy doing our job?”
happiness for both SK People and its stakeholders.
These are the stories of SK People finding happiness
in their work.

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‒ Prologue ‒
I am done!!!
Am I a cartoonist?
Nah, I am just an ordinary office worker.
Get me the data ASAP.
I work hard in the office
and draw cartoons at home
In fact, I myself have drawn this cartoon.
I wanted to be a cartoonist when I was a child.
Do I regret not having been able to fulfill my childhood wish?
It’s OK since I am drawing now~ At the end, I am happy.
Are you saying it is strange for an office worker to feel happiness?
Um…. Why is it strange?
Can’t an office worker be happy?
Office workers spend most of their time in the office
so, they should be happy there.
But, you know what?
Do you happen
to hear anyone talking about happiness in the office?
Why does one think about happiness in the office?
You said it right…
I also felt like, “What are you talking about?”
Yet, I found…such an office…(but, it actually happened.)
I will tell you about it.
Manager Cho!
My boss is looking for me.
I will be gone for a minute. See you soon!
Manager Cho Seong-hyeon SK broadband
Contributor Profile
Media Business Team Manager Cho Seong-hyeon, SK broadband draws himself a SKMS Story cartoon to enjoy happiness in both his job and hobby.
Wait for the next episode of the SKMS Story Webtoon “In Search of Happiness” to be drawn by Manager Cho Seong-hyeon of SK broadband himself