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Webtoon Intro In Search of Happiness

In Search of Happiness

“Why can’t we be happy doing our job?”
happiness for both SK People and its stakeholders.
These are the stories of SK People finding happiness
in their work.

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<Ep.2> The boss Strikes Back
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Ep.2 The Boss Strikes Back
SKMS is short for SK Management corporate culture that expresses SK’s management philosophy.
SKMS is SK’s unique management system established by the former chairman Chey Jong-hyon.
SK has endeavored to ensure that SKMS is embedded in its management activities and corporate culture, continuing to grow and develop in leaps and bounds.
In particular, in the latest 14th revision
happiness of SK People is highlighted as one of the most critical SKMS’ elements.
Ah, so it is.
Mr. Cho! You must have thought this just now!
How can we be happy in our workplace!!
Of course, you could think so Yeh, you can rightly say so.
No, I just…
Yet, SKMS declares..
The ultimate purpose of SK’s business management is
The happiness of SK People
Boss! I have a question!
Ouch, I am surprised!
Why has the happiness of SK People become an important keyword?
Oh! That is a really good question. You are certainly better than Mr. Cho! Right, let me ask this question back.
Why did you decide to join SK?
Um..because SK looked cool.
Specifically, why did you find SK cool?
SK’s culture seemed good. I also heard that I would find many good colleagues.
is that all?
Of course, salary is…
Ok, you speak straight from the shoulder.
Then, why did you base your decision on salary, corporate culture, and good colleagues?
Um….because… I thought that I could be happy with those things.
Rightly so! SKMS declares the happiness of SK People as one of the keywords to focus on the collective objective of SK People including you, which is happiness itself.
Boss, it is natural for a company to be after profits, but, seeking happiness… is that possible? Standards governing happiness vary from individual to individual.
Of course, happiness is subjective. So, people thought that happiness was a personal thing.
But, if we put the power of our organization good use, wouldn’t we be able to maximize happiness as well?
Just as we have been able to grow and make a fortune together.
the power of organization
Let me put it this way.
Surely, we may differ in our definition of happiness.
However, don’t we have anything in common?
Like ‘adequate compensation’, ‘good corporate culture’, and ‘excellent colleagues’, as you said.
These are the elements of happiness that can be given by a company, which have significant influence on our life. If we work to improve on these elements, wouldn’t we rightly become ever happier?
Ah! We will! Then, what should each one of us do for our happiness?
It is the most important that SK People have faith and that they will nurture happiness together at SK.
When we are driven by faith to act on our own, our happiness will truly multiply.
That was indeed a good question.
That was a really enlightening lecture.
It really looks good… hehe…
Did Mr. Cho really grasp the point of SKMS?