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Webtoon Intro In Search of Happiness

In Search of Happiness

“Why can’t we be happy doing our job?”
happiness for both SK People and its stakeholders.
These are the stories of SK People finding happiness
in their work.

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<Ep.4> Happiness Rangers
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Happiness Rangers
Good morning!
Hi, Manager Cho!
Good morning, Manager Cho~!
Good morning.
Why on earth am I feeling…. this way?
Hey, guys, it is 10 o’clock. Time for our weekly team meeting. Let’s move to the conference room~!
Conference room
We will talk about the projects that we are working on and share our comments
I am working on a plan to upgrade kids’ services, but I am having difficulties analyzing customers’ service use patterns because of some data issues.
Did you happen to identify how often our kid customers visited us and how many purchases they made from your dataset? I understand that the dataset had some integrity issues. I will compare the dataset with the previous year’s.
Wow, thank you! I owe you a lot.
I have been doing research on prevailing global trends recently. But, I am struggling to understand trends on AI technologies.
The 4th industrial revolution is rapidly transforming technical trends. I am going to hook you up to a developer who will probably be able to help you.
What are you up to, human?
Oh, oh, really?
Thanks a lot! That’s really reassuring.
Is Manager Cho always that way? He looks super-duper- motivated today!
He certainly does, given that he volunteered to be her ‘white knight” so enthusiastically…I am seeing him in a new light.
Huh, huh, huh…
Ouch, I am startled!
I know Manager Cho’s secret.
Manager Cho!
You have lost your heart to someone, haven’t you?!
What?! I don’t get it… I am just…
Oh! What’s really going on~ Oh~
It is no other than SKMS! That breeds faith in us that we can grow happier as individuals when we build happiness together!
Haha… there is no denying that…You are doing VWBE, aren’t you?
Am… I doing VWBE…?
Do you mean voluntary and willing brain engagement by VWBE?
Isn’t that just a textbook theory?!
Far from it!I have been closely watching him in secret these days.
He knows a lot of gourmet restaurants… No… that’s not what I meant to say…
I will do it! Ohohoh!!! Manager Cho was indeed the personification of VWBE!
Why was he so? What does happiness mean to an ant?..
It was because he was concerned for the happiness of all.
What does happiness mean to you… President?
What does happiness mean to a pedestrian passing by….?
Your happiness is certainly my happiness!
I would like my grandpa to be happy.
You are right. I don’t know why… but I believed that I could be happy when my team is happy.
I would like everyone to be happy.SK People’s happiness
Ah, I will work on it! VWBE
I am supposed to achieve this much! Pursuit of SUPEX
While thinking about happiness, I unknowingly fell into VWBE, which also led me to set SUPEX-inspired goals.
Now, you have understood it completely.
Happiness increases ever more when built together and shared with each other!!
All right!
We shall work for the happiness of all!!
We are Happiness Rangers!
Move out!!
I am sorry… but we have booked this conference room…
Ok! That was really good. Let’s incorporate it into our service offerings.
Sorry, we were discussing new service ideas. We are now done.
What kind of services were you discussing?… hehe…
Now, it is about time we finished the meeting.
Thank you all for joining the meeting.
Commitment to happiness has sprung up in all team members!
I will leave for home first.
Thanks for the hard work today~
The door is opening.
Hey, Manager Cho! Hehehe..
Manager Jeong!
Didn’t you leave early today?
I am on my way home after taking care of something, hehe…
Ah, did you?
Manager Cho! Did you have supper?
Ah… Stomach rumbling~
Shall we have supper together?
Shall we?
What should we have? What do you like?
I am feeling like grilled pork belly, hehe…
Grilled pork belly sounds good. I know a place.
Oh! Really? I bet it will be tasty, hehe..
We can get off at the next subway stop.