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Webtoon Intro In Search of Happiness

In Search of Happiness

“Why can’t we be happy doing our job?”
happiness for both SK People and its stakeholders.
These are the stories of SK People finding happiness
in their work.

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<Ep.1> Facing a Crisis
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Ep.1 Facing a Crisis
Mr. Cho! Mr. Cho!
Yes, boss! I am on my way!
You should have been on time...
Mr. Cho! Where were you at this critical time!
I am sorry. Was there a meeting?
I was just joking…
Our boss is so playful. Our boss is very sensitive to trends and he is hooked on neologisms these days.
Mr. Cho, did you happen to endure a ‘Masang’? *Masang: heart sore in English
But his problem is he always expects our reaction in return.
Mr. Cho, you must know it to stay in trend.
The only way to end this is showing a reaction to his prank…
Oh well, boss, I am a Jinsang (straight arrow) if I have to endure a ‘Masang’ at this rate.
What is that? Mr. Cho. Let’s just go out for lunch.
He actually didn’t take it
Anyway, what do you guys want to have today? Something on your mind?
What about kimchi stew?
Uhm… it will make my clothes smelly~
What about tteokbokki?
Oh well~ We should have some rice.
Ok, since today is my payday,
I will ‘flex’!! ※ Flex: spend big
Oh! Flex!! Beef?! buffet?!
All right! We will have jjajangmyeon (black bean noodle) with fried dumplings!!(Taking the chance and betting double! )
Does he really know what ‘flexing’ actually means…
Haha… let’s go!
Here is your meal~
Um~This is the best jjajangmyeon restaurant in town~
Jjajangmyeon here is JMT! ※ JMT : really delicious
Here comes again with neologisms!!
I should change the subject!
Miss Cheong what you were watching… is a new one, right?
Yes, right! It is a new one.
Ah, I was right.How was it?
Something she was watching?… Something new?…
What is it?!
I must look I keep up in trends! (Quicker than anyone Different from others)
I must catch it!!
Yes, she was watching a webtoon then~
This webtoon is really cool.
Ah, that thing!That is really funny… hehe
Oops…Did they mean something else!...
Good gracious…this movie is too racy…(But, when will yougo back to work?...)
Ah, a movie!She was looking for a movie!
But, wasn’tthat a bit spicy?
Uhm…Boss, exactly which part of SKMS do you find spicy?...
Were they talking about S… SKMS…?!
Mr. Cho, You…
How much do you know
about SKMS…?
What is SKMS all about?Being forced to be on the defensive, the boss begins to launch a strike back!!