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Webtoon Intro In Search of Happiness

In Search of Happiness

“Why can’t we be happy doing our job?”
happiness for both SK People and its stakeholders.
These are the stories of SK People finding happiness
in their work.

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<Ep.3> Unexpected Discovery
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Unexpected Discovery Boss! Thank you for lunch.
The pleasure is all mine. Let’s keep it going into the afternoon!
Yes, sir!
Ah, Manager Jeong, our meeting starts at 2PM, right?
Yes, it does. See you then!
A little while later
Ah, you have come?
I needed to prepare something in advance to the meeting.”
That sounds reassuring, he..he.. Shall we get down to work right away, then?
Our customer base includes a senior citizen segment. Let’s discuss what services we can offer to better serve these customers.
I did research on these customers’ interests.
The two are engrossed in a discussion
15 minutes later
So, you are saying that senior citizens’ purchasing power is weak. Is there a way how we can bolster it up?
Looking serious
Before we get to that point, why don’t we first think about what they truly want?
Something that senior citizens want?
Like, using bigger fonts for the sake of dim-sighted elderly people.
Something like an AI-enabled voice service that can be a talking companion for lonely elderly people.
But, that will be quite costly…How much can it help with our operating profits…?
Ah… That is…
Ah…! For sure, that was a good idea for sure, but…!
I am sorry…. I was just reminded of my grandpa in the country…
Heartbeat pounding
Last year, in a blind date arranged for the first time in three years
Manager Jeong… She’s got a heart of gold…!
My Miss. Right?
I would like her to be respectful of the elderly.
That is exactly it!!
(Slamming the door open)
Manager Jeong! You have such a brilliant idea!
But… I didn’t think about the operating profits.(Still looking depressed)
Of course, economic values such as operating profits do matter.
Yet, you took notice of something that could easily go unnoticed.
Stakeholders include customers,
business partners, shareholders, society in general and all others having to do with our business.
But, did I think about the happiness of stakeholders?
I was just planning a service offering….
Just planning a service….Manager Jeong, why are you planning a new service?
Just when we need a new service to fulfill the needs of customers and eliminate their pain-points, if any…
Did it finally occur to you?(Lifting his eyeglasses)
Are you saying that all the services we plan as a business organization are intended not only for economic value but also the happiness of our stakeholders?!
Are…you…really OK..?
Yes. Manager Jeong paid attention to the challenges facing senior customers first. Was it because you put their happiness in the first place?
Well, Boss… Why do you look angry…
I am just doing fine~
We have agonized so far over how customers will feel about our new service offerings,
how the society will accommodate them, or how our business partners will respond to them.”
That is the way of pursuing the happiness of stakeholders. And that is a social value at the same time.
Hey boss, I got a question. You said just before that the happiness of SK People matters most?
Oh, Mr. Cho! You remember it! Yes, one of SK’s corporate missions is the happiness of its people.
Then, we are supposed to pursue the stakeholders’ happiness on top of that? Isn’t that… too idealistic?
Huh, huh…Did you forget what you did back in your rookie days?
My… rookie days…?!
My ideas were adopted in an in-house open competition,
and we actually launched a commercial operation.
I was so excited that I couldn’t even sleep at night.
What was the sense of happiness back then?
Was that a sense of accomplishment? No…”
I felt really great but that was not all.
Was that because of the prize money? No…
I was surely delighted, but gave the money to my parents because I didn’t have much to pay for.
Customer reviews….!
Suddenly gagging his mouth!
Customers were excited
A news article on my idea that solved a social issue
That is social value, indeed!
Right. I was not the only one feeling happy back then.
That is the very world where we and stakeholders are happy together!
Yes, that was possible because we pursued not only
economic values but also social values at the same time.”
What do you think? Wouldn’t a new market open up some day?
That was a great idea.
That was an excellent advice.
My heart is also warmed… he… he…
Well, I would like to excuse myself. Take good care of yourselves!
Your happiness is also mine!
Hahaha… I am alright…Keep up the good work~ he, he.
(Looking at her, perplexed)
Manager Cho, isn’t the boss funny? Haha…
What?! Ah… yes, yes, he is so funny… hehe… (Caught off guard!)
Why are we feeling this way?! Come to your senses! This is an office!
Huh, huh… Mr. Cho… I can see that you have already lost your heart…
Did the Boss see through what was going on in the heart of Manager Cho?